3 Basics for Social Media Beginners


1. Choosing A Channel
When choosing a channel to build a presence a business needs to consider.

1) Goals/Objectives: are you aiming for mass-awareness or are you conversion-driven?
2) Demographics: Is your audience on this channel? Do they engage with similar content here?
3) Psychographics: larger social networks have the opportunity for a wide range of interests but some smaller platforms speak more to a niche collective.

Only choose platforms that are worth your time and energy.

2. Facebook Groups
Connecting with Facebook groups that your target audience(s) engage with is a great way to partake in social listening. By doing so, you can identify social trends and your target's neighboring interests — key elements that should be considered when developing creative marketing strategies! It’s also a great way to get insight on how they talk about your brand and/or similar brands, as well as to each other so you can learn to speak their language.

3. Post with Purpose
Create content you would want to see on your feed. Do not post just for the sake of posting every day. One well thought out post every couple of days shows you put time into your content and therefore, is more shareable and likely to get engagement. Social media platforms are saturated with your competition, so be bold and tell your story.

Here are six starter points: Products, employees, behind the scenes, ask a question, share an article/story, and celebrate a holiday.

Posting about your companies employees or a behind the scenes view gives a brand a more personal touch and provokes a more emotional connection. It can show a relationship and passion that the audience can identify with.

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— Erin C. Smith

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