Motion Graphics + Video

30 Second Seeds

A student project: Using the word “FAKE” as a starting point, develop a self-initiated design project that will demonstrate a synthesis of your design skills.

Brainstorming lead me to the concept of ‘Faking it ‘til you make it’. From there, I came across Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk titled ‘Fake It ‘Til You Become It’. In her talk, she describes how adopting powerful postures can affect our body chemistry. She ends the video by encouraging viewers to ‘share the science’. With this in mind, I wanted to create a new platform with short educational videos that could be shared on social media and viewed in 30 seconds time.

Planting seeds in the minds of consumers to grow from.


Rubicon Gallery Teaser

This video was created for a mock exhibit at the Rubicon Gallery, titled 'Protest In The Arts'. With the given title, I felt there needed to be a bit of rebellion represented. The video features song clips from A Tribe Called Quest - We Are The People and Kendrick Lemar - Alright. I thought it was important to use songs that represent a past and present struggle. I selected the song clips and remixed the audio, then created the visuals to suit.


First Things First | Motion Graphics Video

This video was designed in response to the controversial First Things First Manifesto(s). The video allows the audience to receive the highlight information and is designed to stand out on social media platforms. I personally recorded and edited the audio, then created the visuals.