Print + Poster Design



LYIT Creative Media + Design Exhibition 2018 Poster

This is one of the posters designed for the LYIT Graduate Exhibition. The purpose of this poster is to showcase the exhibiting programs, upon already entering the gallery space. Each program was designed a 3D isometric letter or letters,
which feature some of the characteristics of their practice, as well as tied in features of the 'Brain Storm' visuals.

See full exhibition design below.

Third Year Graphic Design Exhibition Poster

The requirement of this project was to incorporate a quote or lyric and repurpose it to suit the needs of our exhibition poster.
I slightly altered the lyrics of
'The Pixies - Where is my mind?' to include a vibrating layover
of the word 'design'. It felt appropriate being the final show for the graduating class, providing a sense of slight insanity and initiating a
search for design.

Inner Harbour

This client needed a poster that showcased their work and promoted their social media profiles. The client provided a tattoo stencil, which became the full colour, clean vector image you see on the right side of the poster. The limited colour
palette was chosen to suit the traditional tattoo finish.



Branding + Logo Design


Positive Imprints

A lifestyle brand printing t-shirts with positive, uplifting illustrations and quotes. The 'o' was given a neckline to embody a t-shirt, under that a bent hanger. The hanger is used for patterns, icons and, other decors. The yellowish-green provides a joyous tone and the slightly upward shift of the hangers angles add to the positive feel.

BizR Apparel

This logo was created for a lifestyle brand selling a line of 'bizarre' t-shirts featuring quotes and illustrations. With such a broad spectrum in their products, we created something clean and non-specific. This allows the logo to accent the prints instead of compete with them. The font was created with equal line weight and spacing to grant the colour and quirkiness of the 'R' to become focal.

Bleed Apparel

This logo was created for a client that produced unique tie-dye and bleached apparel. They wanted a face for their company that flowed and gave a sense of connection. With the name 'bleed' and the origin of how they manipulate fabric for their products, the dropped 'e' in the logo creates a suggestive drip in the text. The font was created with symmetry in mind, adding to the stream-like essence of the read.


Motion Graphics

30 Second Seeds

A student project: Using the word “FAKE” as a starting point, develop a self-initiated design project that will demonstrate a synthesis of your design skills.

Brainstorming lead me to the concept of ‘Faking it ‘til you make it’. From there, I came across Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk titled ‘Fake It ‘Til You Become It’. In her talk, she describes how adopting powerful postures can affect our body chemistry. She ends the video encouraging viewers to ‘share the science’. With this in mind, I wanted to create a new platform with short educational videos that could be shared on social media and viewed in 30 seconds time. Planting seeds in the minds of consumers to grow from.

Rubicon Gallery Teaser

This video was created for a mock exhibit at the Rubicon Gallery, titled 'Protest In The Arts'. With the given title, I felt there needed to be a bit of rebellion represented. The video features song clips from A Tribe Called Quest - We Are The People and Kendrick Lemar - Alright. I thought it was important to use songs that represent a past and present struggle. I selected the song clips and remixed the audio, then created the visuals to suit.

First Things First
Motion Graphics Video | Poster

This video and poster were designed in response to the First Things First Manifesto(s). As a manifesto that began long before social media, I felt it was necessary to produce something for print as well as a format that could be shared on modern social media platforms. The video allows the audience to receive the highlight information in a short period of time. I personally recorded and edited the audio, then created the visuals.






Exhibition Design

LYIT Creative Media + Design Exhibition 2018
Website | Photography | Invitation | Branding | Signage

The concept behind this design stems from the idea that this exhibition is not the beginning — nor the end. The students have pent-up energy and are ready to strike! The name is a playful double entendre, 'Brain Storm'. This is a collective group of creative minds coming together to create an energetic event.

Website Link:
Website built by Matt McDonagh, LYIT Graphic Design Lecturer.


Created with gel lighting and used to represent each student on the website.

Invitation GIF
Sent via e-mail to translate excitement to guests.

Exhibition Night
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